Custom Composition Pricing
  Solo Instrument
(1 or 2 instruments)
Small Ensemble Chamber Orchestra Big Band
Each 30 seconds eg. 16 bars @ 120bpm  $80  $160  $240  to be negotiated



• Short consultation to understand your strengths and challenge level

• Small number of revisions.

• Consultation on line or in person if travel time is workable.



Fee includes your right to the first performance within 12 months of receiving the completed music.


Any publication will include a dedication to the commissioner.


All other rights remain with the composer.  This includes any or all commercial rights.


The composer shall be included in any negotiations regarding copyright, mechanical rights (recordings), commercial use should the commissioner / recipient wish to make a sellable recording that contains any part the musical work.



You have the first performance right to perform or record (for personal use only) the piece in any situation that suits you, this would include playing in an exam, or a house concert with non-paying guests.


If you are unable to present the first performance within 12 months or negotiated time, you will simply forfeit the right to the first performance. However, if commissioning for an HSC Music Performance Exam, we will have some flexibility to take the official examination period into account when determining the exact date for forfeit.


You will still be acknowledged as the dedicatee and still retain the copy of the music you have.


Contact Michael for more details.






You would like a short piece of around 1 minute ( 2 x 30 seconds) just for your instrument as part of your external music examination. The composition for a solo instrument would be AUD $160. There would be no accompaniment. Included is Michael’s time to initially consult with you and/or your music teacher to understand what your current skill level is on your instrument and what can be achieved. Consultation could be on-line or in person (if you are in the Sydney metro area and travel time is workable). The consultation may be part of your music lesson.


The piece would be composed and a small number of revisions would be included.


You have the first performance right to play the piece as part of your exam. You have 12 months from the starting date. If you choose not to perform the piece within the 12 month period, you will forfeit your first performance right. If you still wish to perform the piece at some later time you will have to renegotiate the terms.



Accompanied Solo


You are a flute player and wish to have a commissioned work where you will be accompanied by a cello and piano. So there is your solo instrument and two accompanying instruments. The piece will be 1m30s minutes in duration ( 3 x 30 seconds ). The cost for composition and consultation will be AUD$480 (3 x $160).


Michael may initially speak with you first and then call your music teacher to understand the level to write for. After completing the first draft he may send it to you and your teacher. If you were located in regional NSW, it might be difficult for him to visit you in person so a video call via FaceTime or Skype could suffice for his coaching session.


You can perform this accompanied musical work within 12 months of the composition being completed by Michael.


One of your family friends hears the musical work and would love to have a recording of the composition included on their wedding video. You will have to negotiate with Michael to discuss and agree on the terms of use and payment for performance and recording rights.



Small Ensemble


You play violin and are a member of a school 4 piece ensemble and you would like to commission Michael to design a 2 minute composition where you are the soloist backed by 3 others. You will be performing this piece at the school music night at the end of the year.  The school will not be charging for tickets.


This would be AUD $240 per finished 30 seconds. Normally, up to two instruments would be included for $160 so the additional instrument adds $80. Michael would meet with your teacher and the members of the ensemble to discuss the objectives and understand the skill level of each student.


Michael would compose the piece and then meet with the ensemble and teacher to discuss and coach. He would make minor corrections during this process.


The school can include your performance in a video recording that is made available to the school community (close group). Michael’s composition must be credited in the recording and the accompanying program.


Big Band


You are a school music teacher and wish to commission a new composition for the school’s 40th anniversary. Best to contact Michael so the terms and pricing can be discussed.


Private Music Teacher wants Custom Composition


Teaching students after school is part of your business. You have 3 clarinet players who need more challenging material to play and you haven’t found any books that deliver what you are looking for.  Ideally you want to commission one piece and provide this to all 3 of your students.  This might sound like one piece is required, but if you explore the skill level of each student, there might be 3 slight variations of a similar piece that would help each student. This would sit somewhere between one commission and three commissions depending on the level of work and separate consultation required.  Contact Michael to work through what is possible.


Contact Michael if you have a different scenario and want to find out more.




What happens after the first performance?


You get to keep the music as your copy, the only difference is that Michael can ask others to play the music if he has the opportunity. Michael will also seek to have the music published.’


Can I video me playing this performance?

Can I post the recording of my performance on the web or YouTube?


Yes and you can put it on your social media, web page etc as long as the name of the piece and Michael is credited as the composer. Michael will provide you with an appropriate web link.



Can I give the sheet music to my cousin or friend when I’m finished?


Short answer is no. However, do ask for permission from Michael first. If publication is immanent you will receive your own published copy, which will have your name as the dedicatee and you can pass on as you wish, usual photocopy restrictions apply.


If publication is not in the near future Michael may well consent to someone else using the music for performance or recording. If your friend just wants to try to out, then there is no objection.


Is my name on the composition?

Your name will be on all drafts and any publication. Dedications are usually placed above the title on the 1st page of the music though not the title page.


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