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Multi-moded - Music Book for French Horn


Multi-moded contains a set of musical exercises designed for French Horn players. it contains a series of easy warm-ups and exercises using scales and chromatics. The book has music for French Horn and the piano accompaniment.


The Multi-moded book retails for $25.00 and can be purchased from Wirripang. You can also purchase the instant download horn only music for $10.00.


The MIDI audio accompaniment for the book is available from Wirripang for $2.00 but is also available as audio on YouTube and and below for free.

French Horn Harmonics


In this video, Michael plays the French Horn Harmonics.


F horn: harmonics 3-12

Bb horn: harmonics 2-9

C horn: harmonics 4-16

F horn: harmonics 1-19


The harmonics on brass instruments are the framework for navigating the pitch realm.


The harmonics show us the range of possible fingerings. Knowing which harmonic we are playing also gives us practical knowledge and a greater sense of security, especially knowing how far away the next harmonic is, either above or below.


Each set of harmonics is produced by changing the air pressure which alters the lip speed vibration. (If the space between the lips - the aperture - widens whilst increasing the air pressure then the volume gets louder.)


In this video the top note in examples 1, 2, 3 is the same pitch.


F horn harmonic 12 is B flat horn harmonic 9 which is C horn harmonic 16. (The C horn is played with valves 1 & 3 on the F side of the horn)


The last set of harmonics is just to show a few more of them and how close together the harmonics become. Harmonic 14-15 is a large semitone, 15-16 is a slightly large semitone, through to 18-19 which is a much smaller semitone.   Copyright©2019-20 Michael Dixon