NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC) - Music


Performance is a key part of the NSW Music syllabus.


Many students begin their preparations for HSC performance about a year before the exam. This is a good practice.


Repertoire choices are abundant for some instruments and relatively sparse for others.


A custom composition can provide you with a work that shows off your technical and musical strengths. For HSC you want your repertoire to be clearly of the ‘right’ level of difficulty yet not have to present too many of your weaknesses.


You and your teacher will have a good idea of what pieces are appropriate, standard wise, but you might prefer to show off a higher pitch range or a lower range. Your ability to play extreme dynamics may be limited, but you may be really good at fast pitch jumps.


You may be very good at mixed metres or at long sustained melodies.


A new work from The Note Whisperer for HSC will have difficulties but these can be quite specifically organised to suit you well.


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